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Islam for Adults
This program is for teens and adults, who do not have any prior formal Islamic education.
This program aims to provide Islamic education to all aged 17 and above. It aims to provide clear understanding of Islamic teachings which could be applied and practised in daily life. The program is expected to provide foundational knowledge of Islam to all aged 17 years and above.
This program is for 2 years and consists of 8 modules. Each year will have 2 semesters, meaning 11 or 12 weeks per semester.

Each module will take between 11 to 12 lesson weeks.

Each lesson will be conducted for 90 mins.

There will be no exams for students in this program, however students need to have at least 80% attendance for each module.

Students will learn the following modules:

No Module Duration
1 Aqidah 11 or 12 weeks
2 Thoharah 11 or 12 weeks
3 Basic Prayers 11 or 12 weeks
4 Advanced Prayers 11 or 12 weeks
5 Fasting 11 or 12 weeks
6 Alms 11 or 12 weeks
7 History of the Prophets 11 or 12 weeks
8 Exegis and al-Azkar 11 or 12 weeks

After completing this program, students are able to pursue their studies by entering Pre Diploma program offered by Andalus and Al-Zuhri. Students can apply for Andalus Pre Diploma program and Al-Zuhri programs such as Certificate in Islamic Studies, Certificate in Arabic Studies and Certificate in Quranic Studies.

Students are not required to wear Andalus uniform while attending this program. However, it is compulsory for students to cover their aurat for lessons. Male students are advised to wear the traditional Malay attire with songkok. While female students are advised to wear the traditional Malay attire or long dresses with hijab.

The registration fee for this program is $ 12.00, payable once during the registration. The monthly fee is $ 45.00.

Kindly visit our centres for registration or apply online.


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