Andalus Corporation Pte. Ltd.

Vision, Mission and Objectives
Muslims with God-consciousness and knowledge based on al-Quran dan al-Sunnah.
To provide Islamic education with determination, patience and sincerity and produce knowledgeable and pious Muslims based on the al-Quran and the al-Sunnah.
Our objective and goal is to produce individuals with the following characteristics:
  • Fully understands the teachings of Islam and emulates the best of characters
  • Practises all the teachings of Islam and sunnah in everyday life
  • Fulfills the rights of Muslims and educates children with Islamic virtues
We believe that each Andalus employee contributes to the success of the organization with the following values:

Customer Focus
We are committed to building a good relationship with all the parents and students. We respect each of them as an important individual with rights of his/her own.

Staff Development 
We strive to create an environment which enables our employees to optimize their potential and have better career opportunities.

We believe in the spirit of teamwork in a work culture. We appreciate the contribution of all employees, parents and students.

We are committed to continuously improve our services. We will ensure that any fees charged are reasonable and affordable to all.