Andalus Corporation Pte. Ltd.

Andalus Educational Philosophy
Andalus educational philosophy is embodied in its vision and mission. Andalus' vision is to be a pious Muslim based on the teachings of Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah. Whilst, Andalus' mission is to provide Islamic education with determination, patience and sincerity; producing knowledgeable and pious Muslims following the teachings of the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah.
Andalus Educational Objective
Andalus educational objective is to produce Islamic individuals with the following characteristics:
  • Fully understands the teachings of Islam and emulates the best of characters
  • Practises all the teachings of Islam and sunnah in everyday life
  • Fulfills the rights of Muslims and educates children with Islamic virtues
Andalus Curriculum Model
foreword Andalus curriculum model includes these four items, namely, (1) the objectives of the curriculum, (2) the type of content that will be used (3) learning experiences that should be provided, and (4) how the results should be evaluated.
Andalus Curriculum Objectives
The objectives of Andalus curriculum are:
  • To provide adequate understanding of the core knowledge of Islam so that the students could understand it holistically. The curriculum is set to match the students' age and ability so that they can appreciate and practise the religion of Islam as much as possible.
  • To emphasize the Ta'lim (process of gaining knowledge), the Ta'dib (cultured with Allah, His Messenger and the relationship with all beings/system life) and the Tarbiyyah (spiritual training , intellectual and physical).
  • To develop individuals with knowledge and be someone with logical, analytical, creative and innovative thinking based on the al-Quran and the al-Sunnah.
  • To help individuals becoming a good Muslims, who are balanced spiritually, intellectually and physically.
  • To develop the potential, talents and capabilities of each individual , especially in education , appreciation of the way of life and to spread Islam.
  • To produce individuals with strong morals and the competence to contribute to the religion , race and nation .
  • To provide a teaching and learning environment that enables maximum achievements in learning.